Volvo Trucks is committed to the electrification of logistics development

With three new all-electric heavy-duty trucks going on sale this year, Volvo Trucks believes heavy-duty road transport electrification is ripe for rapid growth.That optimism is based on the fact that Volvo’s electric trucks can meet a wide range of transportation needs.In the European Union, for example, nearly half of trucking operations could be electrified in the future.

Many domestic and foreign transportation buyers have shown strong interest in electric trucks.The driving force behind this is Volvo Truck’s forward-looking climate goals and consumers’ own demand for low-carbon, clean transportation.

“More and more transportation companies are realizing that they need to immediately make the transition to electric, both for environmental reasons and because of competitive pressure to meet their customers’ demand for sustainable transportation.Volvo Trucks will continue to offer a wide range of specialized products to the market, which will help more transportation companies take the road to electrification.”"Said Roger Alm, president of Volvo Trucks.

Three new heavy-duty trucks have been added to the electric truck range

With the launch of electric models in the new Volvo Truck FH and FM series, electrified transport is no longer limited to intra-city transport but also to inter-city regional transport.In addition, the new Volvo Truck FMX range of electric models is making the construction and construction transportation business more noise-reducing and environmentally friendly in a new way.

Production of the new electric models in Europe will begin in the second half of 2022, and they will join Volvo’s FL and FE series electric trucks for urban transport.Both collections have been mass-produced for the same market since 2019.In North America, the VNR electric truck has been on sale since December.With the addition of new truck models, Volvo Trucks now has six medium – and heavy-duty electric trucks, making it the most complete range of commercial electric trucks in the industry.

Meets nearly half of the EU’s total transport demand

With research showing that the new model has higher loading capacity, more powerful powertrain and a range of up to 300km, Volvo Trucks’ electric portfolio can cover up to about 45% of total freight traffic in Europe today.This would make an important contribution to reducing the climate impact of road freight transport, which accounts for about 6 per cent of the EU’s carbon emissions, according to official statistics.

“There is huge potential for electrification of trucking in Europe and the rest of the world in the near future.”"To prove this, we set a long-term goal that by 2030, electric trucks will account for half of all our sales in Europe.The launch of our three new heavy-duty trucks marks a major step toward that goal.”

Provide a wide range of electric solutions

In addition to electric trucks, Volvo Trucks’ electrification program includes a complete ecosystem with numerous service, maintenance, and financial solutions, as well as other options that help customers make the transition to electric transportation more easily and quickly.This suite of services will help customers manage their new electric transportation fleets while maintaining efficient production.

“The complete range of electric transportation solutions that we and our global dealer service network offer will play a vital role in ensuring the benefits of our customers,” Roger Alm said.

Hydrogen fuel-cell electric trucks are coming soon

In the future, electric trucks could also be used for long-distance transportation.In order to meet the challenging requirements of greater load capacity and longer range, Volvo Trucks plans to use hydrogen fuel cell technology.

“The technology is advancing rapidly and we plan to electrify long-distance transportation using batteries and hydrogen fuel,” said Roger Arm. “Our goal is to start selling hydrogen electric trucks in the second half of this century, and we are confident we can meet that goal.”

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Post time: May-12-2021