New water pump for SCANIA truck VS-SC130

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Visun water pump is well known as High-End quality in the water pump industry , with heavy duty housing , produced by Huaian Visun CO.,LTD , iron casting foundry which is Visun owned itself . ensure the quality for the most important part of the water pump . and we use C&U bearing , the best bearing manufacturer in domestic China , also well known internationally . C&U Bearing can help extend mechanic life for water pumps , meanwhile to reduce its noise . silicon carbide-graphite Seal is used in most Visun water pumps . high quality water seal to prevent malfunction or leakage happen to water pump ,provide strong abrasive resistance at the same time .

  • Engine: D13 / DC13 / D9
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    VS-SC130 SCANIA 22241122034084







    6 2 44.5*57.5*17.5

    Product name:Heavy Duty Truck Engine Water Pump

    Classify:Auto Part,Engine Part,Engine Cooling System Part


    Hoursing:Iron Or Aluminum

    Impeller:Plastic Or Iron

    Seals:Silicon carbide-graphite Seal

    Bearing: C&U Bearing


    Stock : available


    Market:EU,North Americ,Middle East

    Suupply To:Auto Part Distributor,Truck Repair Workshop


    Features & Benefits:

    ●Phosphate coating prevents rust, increases shelf life, improves product appearance and increases product relibilit.
    ●VISUN Water Pump castings to eliminate bearing movement. MasterPro sets the standard for quality Water Pumps.
    ●Proper testing during steps in the remanufacturing process guarantees the customer a proper functioning unit all the time .
    ●Blllroller bearings used to follow OE specified applications
    Designed and manufactured with the best NEW unitized seals. Ensures long, trouble-free performance.
    Each unit uses the proper bearing design as specified by the original equipment manufacturer to meet the specific radial torque requirements of each application. Provides long
    bearing life for trouble-free performance.
    Manufactured to original casting specifications. This ensures proper fit for easy insallation and proper water flow for maximum cooling.



    Visun water pump , been rewarded as most great & reliable water pump in water pump industry , using high quality raw material and durable accessories .its housing , produced by Visun it self , high quality Iron and Aluminum as raw material , to make water pump shell strong & durable ,together with gasket ,it will be a non-leakage working environment .and then , C&U bearing purchased from supplier , top bearing provider in domestic China ,it dosen’t make noise , more important , it will extend water pump’s mechanic life . the last , Silicon carbide-graphite Seal and iron/plastic optional impeller ,all purchased from reputated supplier in China , make entire water pump a high-end quality product , no leakage , no noise , and no broken .


    O.E. specified bearing design to meet the specific radial and axial load requirements of each application. This ensures longer bearing life and reliable performance.include a high-quality mounting gasket and other seals/gaskets, as applicable per applic ation. Original casting specifications are strictly followed to ensure proper fit for easy installationand proper water flow for maximum cooling. 100% leak testing and hub-pull testing ensures reliable performance. Unlike other aftermarket manufacturers, VISUN installs the proper O.E. specified bearing design to meet the specific radial and axial load requirements of each aplication. This ensures longer bearing life and reliable performance.VISUN’s remanufactured Water Pumps not only offer a high quality, low cost alternative to new parts, but are the leading choice in the remanufactured market.


    OE Data:51065006479,51065009479

    Engine No:D2865? D2866? D2876

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