DEUTZ Engine Cooling Water Pump VS-DZ105

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Visun auto water pump for DEUTZ engine, we can supply water pump match with all Deutz truck engines . as a manufacturer , factory , we provide high quality product and meanwhile responsible for after sale service , as specialist of water pump industry in the aftermarket, we offering customers great purchasing experience and stable cargo supply to help customers gain more market in their country .

  • Engine: TD63
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    VS-DZ105 DEUTZ
    30 4 38*29*34

    Housing: Aluminum,steel (produced By Visun)

    Impeller:plastic or steel

    Seal: Silicon carbide-graphite Seal(High quality)

    Bearing: C&U Bearing (Durable)

    Certification: IATF16949 / ISO9001

    Transport Package:wooden carton or plate


    Port:Ningbo Or Shanghai

    Condition:Brand New


    Market:EU,North Americ,Middle East

    Quality : High-End


    Visun have more than 30 years of water pump and oil pump manufacturing experience, and own a iron casting factory to produce water pump part , ensure high quality accessory is used in Visun Water Pump .It has a certain reputation in the aftermarket of heavy truck engine cooling pumps worldwide.工厂铸铁厂


    Visun Water Pump




    1 bearing

    In order to improve the performance of the pump, the manufacturer uses fine, low noise high-end humanized bearings. The surface adopts high-frequency quenching heat treatment. The surface of the bearing raceway has high hardness (wear resistance), and the heart will not lose machine strength (impact) and comprehensive performance. For the better.

    It meets the requirements of the pump to withstand radial and axial loads and ensures compliance with OE quality requirements.

    2 water seal

    Water seal is one of the basic components of water pump. The quality of the pump directly affects the service life of the pump. The manufacturer’s water seal adopts high strength silicon carbide rotating ring + imported graphite sintering fixed ring as the basic configuration of the first level of water seal, to ensure that the sealing performance of the pump in the operation process makes the water seal operation more and more accurate.

    3 shell

    The pump housing is fully molded and die-cast with rigorous process control, and the bearing holes are precision-machined.

    Some models are heavier and thicker than competitors, and more reliable.

    4 Synchronous pulley, flange

    The components that connect the pump to the engine timing system generally include flanges, synchronous pulley, belt pulley, etc. Manufacturers use high-strength and high-precision joint parts.

    Ensure that it has high wear resistance and impact resistance.

    5 the impeller

    Common pump impellers include stamping impellers, plastic impellers, aluminum die-casting impellers, and manufacturers’ stamping impellers are made of high-quality raw materials, using their own mold production, quality is easy to control. After stretching thicker, not easy to break or fall off. Thousands of species have been developed.

    Plastic impeller; Raw materials are imported from Japan. Conforms to OE standard, high reliability in high temperature working environment.

    Aluminum die casting impeller; The design has a sleeve structure, because aluminum and steel thermal expansion coefficient is different, so in high temperature operating environment, there is no high risk of falling sleeve impeller.




    +Heavy duty truck water pump supply (Mercedes-Benz , M.A.N , Scania , Volvo , Iveco , etc…)

    +Heavy duty truck Oil pump supply (Mercedes-Benz , etc…)

    +Heavy duty truck water pump accessory supply (Bearing , Impeller , Housing , Seals , Gasket , ect…)

    +Strict implementation of production process control

    +OE Standard water pump production

    +Engine water pump branding

    +Customize water pump & package

    +Sincere after-sale service

    +Fast order processing



    Q: May I know if there’s warranty for your products ?

    A: Yes, for all product from Visun , we provide warrant of 2 year unassemble /1 year after assembled / 60000 Kms whichever comes first .

    Q: Where do you usually sell your product to ? which market your product is suitable for ?

    A: For now , our main market is in Europe & North Americ , also have customer from middle east , Asia cooperating with us . so our product is suitable for the market whereever there’s great heavy duty truck business.

    Q: Which exhibitions you usually go every year ?

    A:We have been to many exhibitions , for example Frankfurt Germany , AAPEX ,AUTOMEC ,but usually when we visit our customer , if there’s exhibition at local , we will attend as well . you may contact Visun customer service to check exhibition schadule to meet us in person .

    Q: Will there be mould cost if we need some new products ?

    A: It usually will pend on the product & order , if it’s easy to creat mould , we may offer free service for your order , and if there’s mould cost , we are willing to return when we get certain amount of all orders .

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