High Quality PERKINS Engine Water Pump VS-PK113

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High quality water pump for heavy duty truck , with durable housing & inpeller produced by Visun Automotive CO., LTD , iron casting foundry owned by Visun , located in Jiangsu China . Bearing & Seal were purchased from best supplier in domestic China . advance manufacturing line , strick product inspection , 100% leakage test before product was packed . safty package structure .

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VS-PK113 PERKINS U5MW0193 12.5 2 44*29*20

Housing: Aluminum,Iron(produced By Visun)

Impeller:plastic or steel

Seal: Silicon carbide-graphite Seal

Bearing: C&U Bearing

Production Capacity: 21000 Pieces per Month

OEM/ODM: Available

FOB Price: To Be Negotiated

Packing: Visun or Neutral

Payment: To Be Determined

Lead Time: To Be Determined




When the pump shell crack leads to leakage, there are generally obvious traces. When the crack is light, the adhesion method can be used to repair the crack. When the crack is serious, it should be replaced. When the pump is normal, the drain hole on the pump shell should not leak. If the drain hole leaks, the water seal is poor. The reason may be that the sealing surface contact is not tight or the water seal is damaged.

Bearing loose kuang

When the engine is idling, if the pump bearing has abnormal sound or the pulley rotation is unbalanced, it is generally caused by the loose bearing; After the engine flameout, pull the belt pulley by hand to further check its open amount. If there is obvious slack, the pump bearing should be replaced. If the pump bearing has abnormal sound, but there is no obvious looseness when pulling the pulley by hand, it may be caused by poor lubrication of the pump bearing, and grease should be added from the grease nozzle.

Insufficient pump volume

Water pump water shortage is generally due to waterway blockage, impeller and shaft slippage, water leakage or transmission belt slip, can be dredging the waterway, reinstall the impeller, replace the water seal, adjust the tightness of the fan transmission belt to troubleshoot.

============================================================================================================ Ever since its birth , VISUN has devoted itself to the manufacture and marketing of auto-parts,strived to create products with unparalleled quality and persevered to customize more delicate and reliable world-class water pump system for our oversea clients . up to the present ,VISUN has developed rapudly .and gained its supreme market competitiveness in the Sino auto-parts industry ,from its birth to mightiness . the key of its distinctive accomplishment (of superb quality) lays , in each pace where VISUN excelled itself ,by expending its single product line to multiple product lines 零件11

VISUN’s progress has propelled by everlasting innovative spirit. VISUN products are apply to MERCEDES-BENZ , M.A.N ,SCANIA , VOLVO , DAF , COMMINS , CATERPILLAR ,


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