OE Standard Water Pump For DAF Truck Engine VS-DF123

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Visun auto water pump for Volvo truck , bus and other heavy duty vehicles, for example VOLVO FE series ,VOLVO FL series , VOLVO VM series ,VOLVO FM series , VOLVO FMX series ,VOLVO FH series ,VOLVO VN series ,VOLVO VHD series . we can supply water pump match with all volvo truck engines . as a manufacturer , factory , we provide high quality product and meanwhile responsible for after sale service , as specialist of water pump industry in the aftermarket, we offering customers great purchasing experience and stable cargo supply to help customers gain more market in their country .

  • Engine: EURO 6CF EURO 6XF
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    VS-DF123 DAF 2104575 12 4 50*45*18.5

    Housing: Aluminum,steel (produced By Visun)

    Impeller:plastic or steel

    Seal: Silicon carbide-graphite Seal(High quality)

    Bearing: C&U Bearing (Durable)

    Certification: IATF16949 / ISO9001

    Transport Package:wooden carton or plate


    Port:Ningbo Or Shanghai

    Condition:Brand New


    Market:EU,North Americ,Middle East

    Quality : High-End

    How it works
    When the engine starts, the pulley rotates to drive the impeller of the water pump to rotate, which puts pressure on the cooling system to produce pressure difference so as to drive the coolant to flow out of the outlet channel or water pipe.The center of the impeller leads to pressure reduction because the coolant is pumped away, and the rest of the coolant is sucked into the impeller under the action of pressure difference, so as to realize the flow of coolant in the engine cooling system.The pump bearing is coated with grease to prevent the leakage of coolant into the grease resulting in grease emulsification, and also to prevent the leakage of grease and the high temperature generated by friction.The water seal and gasket are used to prevent the pump from leaking.The water seal seal ring is installed between the impeller and the bearing, and the water seal static seal seat is tightly pressed on the water pump shell, so as to ensure the tightness of the water pump.The pump housing gasket is fixed on the surface of the engine and supports the moving parts such as bearings.The water pump shell is also provided with a drainage hole, located between the water seal and the bearing.Once the coolant leaks through the water seal, it can be discharged from the drain hole to prevent the coolant from entering the bearing cavity and destroying the bearing lubrication and leading to corrosion of the components.


    Development Service
    VISUN development dept with many experienced engineer who’s specialized in water pump industry,to help customer develop new product to explore current market and gain more market from competitors , we will provide assistance to develop new product.
    1.According to your sample.
    Customer can send us origin sample of water pump which is needed ,and water pump accessory as well , we can produce copy product ,same in both size & quality.
    2.According to your drawing
    Customer can only send us drawing for the water pump,accessory,we will help to creat mould and sample for customer.
    3.Revise OE standard water pump
    All Visun water pumps are OE standard , if customer would like to make some change on origin OE water pump , may check with our engineer to help customer get what they want.


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