Non Leakage Water Pump For DAF Truck VS-DF124

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Visun auto water pump for DAF truck , bus and other heavy duty vehicles, for example DAF XF, DAF CF . DAF LF ,we can supply water pump match with all DAF truck engines . as a manufacturer , factory , we provide high quality product and meanwhile responsible for after sale service , as specialist of water pump industry in the aftermarket, we offering customers great purchasing experience and stable cargo supply to help customers gain more market in their country .

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12 4 50*45*18.5

Housing: Aluminum,steel (produced By Visun)

Impeller:plastic or steel

Seal: Silicon carbide-graphite Seal(High quality)

Bearing: C&U Bearing (Durable)

Certification: IATF16949 / ISO9001

Transport Package:wooden carton or plate


Port:Ningbo Or Shanghai

Condition:Brand New


Market:EU,North Americ,Middle East

Quality : High-End


Visun have more than 30 years of water pump and oil pump manufacturing experience, and own a iron casting factory to produce water pump part , ensure high quality accessory is used in Visun Water Pump .It has a certain reputation in the aftermarket of heavy truck engine cooling pumps worldwide.工厂铸铁厂

Company:Zhejiang Visun Automotive CO., LTD Adress :Yong`an Industry Park, Xianju County, Taizhou, China

Company:Huaian Visun Automotive CO.,LTD (Iron casting foundry) Adress :22 Hehuan Avenue, Xuyi Industrial Park, Huai ‘an City, Xuyi County, Huai ‘an City, Jiangsu Province, China



Visun Water Pump   水泵分解图     Service   +Heavy duty truck water pump supply (Mercedes-Benz , M.A.N , Scania , Volvo , Iveco , etc…)

+Heavy duty truck Oil pump supply (Mercedes-Benz , etc…)

+Heavy duty truck water pump accessory supply (Bearing , Impeller , Housing , Seals , Gasket , ect…)

+Strict implementation of production process control

+OE Standard water pump production

+Engine water pump branding

+Customize water pump & package

+Sincere after-sale service

+Fast order processing



Q: May I know if there’s warranty for your products ?

A: Yes, for all product from Visun , we provide warrant of 2 year unassemble /1 year after assembled / 60000 Kms whichever comes first .

Q: Where do you usually sell your product to ? which market your product is suitable for ?

A: For now , our main market is in Europe & North Americ , also have customer from middle east , Asia cooperating with us . so our product is suitable for the market whereever there’s great heavy duty truck business.

Q: Which exhibitions you usually go every year ?

A:We have been to many exhibitions , for example Frankfurt Germany , AAPEX ,AUTOMEC ,but usually when we visit our customer , if there’s exhibition at local , we will attend as well . you may contact Visun customer service to check exhibition schadule to meet us in person .

Q: Will there be mould cost if we need some new products ?

A: It usually will pend on the product & order , if it’s easy to creat mould , we may offer free service for your order , and if there’s mould cost , we are willing to return when we get certain amount of all orders .

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