Truck maintenance Attention to detail maintenance

If you want your car to have a longer service life, then you are more inseparable from the maintenance of the truck.Rather than wait until the vehicle has a problem, it is better to pay attention to the maintenance of details in daily life.
Daily maintenance content
1. Appearance inspection: before driving, look around the truck to see if there is any damage to the light device, whether the body tilts, whether there is any leakage of oil, water leakage, etc.;Check the appearance of the tire;Check the condition of door, engine compartment cover, trimming compartment cover and glass.
2. Signal device: open the ignition switch key (do not start the engine), check the lighting of the alarm lights and indicator lights, start the engine to check whether the alarm lights are normally off and whether the indicator lights are still on.
3. Fuel check: check the indication of the fuel gauge and replenish the fuel.
Weekly maintenance content
1. Tire pressure: check and adjust the tire pressure and clean up the debris on the tire.Don’t forget to check the spare tire.
2. Truck engine and all kinds of oil: check the fixation of each part of the engine, check whether there is oil leakage or water leakage on each joint surface of the engine;Check and adjust the belt tightness;Check the fixed conditions of pipelines and wires in various parts;Check replenishment oil, replenishment coolant, replenishment electrolyte, replenishment power steering oil;Clean the radiator appearance;Add windshield cleaning fluid, etc.
3. Cleaning: Clean the inside of the truck and clean the exterior of the truck.
Monthly maintenance content
1. External inspection: patrol vans to check the damage of bulbs and lampshades;Check the fixation of car body accessories;Check the condition of the rearview mirror.
2. Tire: check the wear of tires and clean the luggage compartment;When approaching the tire wear mark, the tire should be replaced, and the tire should be checked for bulge, abnormal main wear, aging cracks and bruises.
3. Clean and wax: thoroughly clean the inside of the truck;Clean water tank surface, oil radiator surface and air conditioning radiator surface debris.
4. Chassis: check whether there is oil leakage in the chassis. If there is oil leakage trace, check the gear oil amount of each assembly and make appropriate supplement.
Every half year maintenance content
1. Three filters: blow the dust of the air filter with compressed air;Replace the fuel filter timely and clean the filter of the pipe joint;Change the oil and oil filter.
2. Battery: check whether there is any corrosion in the battery terminal. Rinse the battery surface with hot water and remove the corrosion on the battery terminal.Add battery replenishment fluid as appropriate.
3. Coolant: check to replenish the coolant and clean the appearance of the water tank.
4. Wheel hub: check the wear of the van tire and implement transposition of the tire.Check the hub, bearing preload, if there is clearance should adjust the preload.
5. Braking system: check and adjust the shoe clearance of the drum hand brake;Check and adjust the free stroke of the foot brake pedal;Check the wheel brake shoes wear, if the wear mark should be replaced brake shoes;Check and adjust the clearance of the wheel brake shoes;Check and replenish brake fluid, etc.
6. Engine Cooling System:Check whether there is leakage of pump, leakage, if any, need to check the location of the leak, such as water seal, bearing, rubber pads, or even shell, may be due to the impeller and casing friction, or shell of cavitation can lead to internal engine pump leak cracks, even for European heavy card engine water pump, the heavy card engine water pump,Automotive engine cooling system is very important, high quality engine water pump will affect other engine parts, and extend the life of the engine.
Annual maintenance content
1. Ignition timing: check and adjust the ignition timing of the automobile engine. It is best to check and adjust the fuel supply timing of the diesel engine to the repair shop.
2. Valve clearance: For engines with ordinary valves, high-speed valve clearance should be checked.
3. Clean and lubricate: clean oil stains on engine compartment lid, van door and articulated mechanism of baggage compartment, readjust and lubricate the above mechanism.
Each time point of maintenance, we all know?Go and see where your car is not being checked.

Post time: Jun-08-2021