How to look at the truck circulating water pump

Water pump is a key part of the vehicle cooling system, the engine will emit a lot of heat in the combustion work, the cooling system will transfer these heat through the cooling cycle to other parts of the body for effective cooling, then the water pump is to promote the continuous circulation of coolant.Water pump as a part of long time operation, if the damage is bound to seriously affect the normal running of the vehicle, then how to repair in daily life?

If the pump of the car fails or is damaged in use, the following inspection and repair can be done.

1. Check whether the pump body and pulley are worn and damaged, and replace them if necessary.Check whether the pump shaft is bent, shaft neck wear degree, shaft end thread is damaged.Check whether the blade on the impeller is broken and whether the shaft hole wear is serious.Check the wear of the water seal and bakelite gasket. If it exceeds the limit of use, replace it with a new one.Check the wear of the bearing and measure the clearance of the bearing with a table. If it exceeds 0.10mm, the bearing should be replaced with a new one.

2. After the pump is taken out, it can be decomposed in sequence.After decomposition, the parts should be cleaned, and then checked one by one to see if there are cracks, damage and wear and other defects. If there are serious defects, they should be replaced.

3. Water seal and seat repair: water seal such as wear groove, can be polished by emery cloth, such as wear should be replaced;If there are rough scratches on the water seal seat, repair them with a plane reamer or on a lathe.Replace the new water seal assembly during the overhaul.

4. The pump body has the following allowable welding repair: length within 3Omm, do not extend to the bearing seat hole crack;And the cylinder head engaged with a broken edge part;The oil seal seat hole is damaged.The bending of the pump shaft shall not exceed 0.05mm, otherwise it should be replaced.Impeller blade damage should be replaced.Water pump shaft aperture wear serious should be replaced or sleeve repair.

5. Check whether the bearing of the water pump rotates flexibly or has abnormal sound. If there is a problem with the bearing, it should be replaced.

6. After the pump is assembled, turn it by hand, and the pump shaft should be free from jamming and impeller and pump shell should be free from rubbing.Then check the pump displacement, if there is a problem, should check the cause and eliminate.

Small make up comment: if the pump fails, the coolant will not be able to reach the corresponding place, its performance will not be effectively played, and ultimately affect the work of the engine.Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the inspection of the pump.


Post time: May-24-2021