How To Distinguish The Authenticity Of Auto Parts

Many of the so-called GM original parts in Auto Parts City, market and online are fake. Pit money does not say, every fake accessories are installed on the car, there will be a safety accident! There are also many accessories are the re “reincarnation” of scrap car materials.

Therefore, it is necessary to master the identification knowledge of some fake and inferior automobile parts. When you buy six kinds of fake goods, you should polish your eyes!

1. Engine oil is a top priority
Therefore, there are a lot of fake oil in the market. There are merchants specialized in recycling old oil. The old oil is sold to the black oil factory, and the result is fake oil. How to distinguish the true and false oil? The first is the color. At normal temperature, the color of genuine oil is much darker than that of fake oil. The second is taste, which is also the most important way. Genuine engine oil has almost no sensitive smell, while fake oil has obvious irritating gasoline smell.

2. Spark plug
The results of false spark plug will lead to a series of sequelae, such as the degradation of acceleration performance, the difficulty of cold start and so on. To tell whether a spark plug is true or not, just look at whether the thread of the spark plug is smooth and unsmooth. If it is smooth like hair, it is absolutely true. If it is rough, it is fake. After all, technology is in that position.

3. Brake pads
In the annual traffic accidents in China, 30% are caused by inferior brake pads. High quality brake pads pay special attention to the material ratio of the brake pad friction materials, the appearance looks full of color, but also has a smooth touch. In addition, according to the SAE standard, FF grade is selected for the brake friction plate, and the rated coefficient is 0.35-0.45. Car owners in the repair and replacement of brake pads, or to the store to replace the best.

4. Oil filter element
The engine oil filter is one of the most important parts in the three filters. If you buy inferior oil filter element, it will aggravate the wear of engine parts, which will lead to engine scrapping and heavy loss. When you look through the hole in the middle, you can see three pieces of paper cores in each hole in the inner wall of the factory, while two pieces of paper cores are arranged irregularly in the auxiliary factory.

5. Tires

Retreaded tires are polished, so they look very new. Therefore, judging from this point, the brighter the color, the more careful you should be. The normal color of a new tire is relatively dull. In addition, you can press the side of the tire by hand to see how hard it is. If it is obviously soft, be careful.

Post time: Sep-08-2020