Country 6 Mercedes-Benz new Actos truck with engine water pumpon the market

With the full implementation of the Sixth National Standard coming soon, 2021 is destined to be the year of the listing of the Sixth National Double Card. Mercedes-Benz (hereinafter referred to as “Mercedes-Benz”), which regards China as an important market, will not be absent from this carnival.To everyone’s expectation, Mercedes-Benz, as the European truck giant, not only upgraded to the national 6B emission standard in one step, but also realized more than 60 technological innovations, including eight core highlights, from the perspective of making money easier and making vehicles more energy efficient and emission reduction.

New ACTROs that meet State VI B emission standards

March 31, Mercedes-Benz new Actros China 6 product promotion and Daimler Trucks and Buse (China) has Michelin (China) strategy signing ceremony was held in Beijing.This is the first major presentation of Mercedes-Benz’s new Actros following the launch of the full range of China 6 B products in 2020.

The site released 510 horsepower 6×4 models for sale at 758,000 yuan

Fuel economy, efficiency, safety and comfort are the main themes of the global truck upgrade, and the new Actros is no exception. However, as a brand with 125 years of automobile manufacturing experience, Mercedes-Benz relies on intelligent technology to upgrade the driver assistance system, engine technology and cab design to give the new Actros more value.These are what we called the “Eight Core Highlights”.

One of the highlights: the fifth generation of active braking assistance system (ABA5)

ABA’s full name is Active Brake Assist System, which is the world’s first intelligent driving assistance system for Mercedes-Benz trucks. From the first generation to the current fifth generation, ABA5 has been able to accurately identify moving vehicles, stationary vehicles and even moving pedestrians in front and brake with full force through millimeter-wave radar and cameras.

Radar and cameras can tell if there is a pedestrian in front of them

Highlight 2: Electronic rearview mirror

Although the domestic laws and regulations on the electronic rearview mirror has not made clear rules, but in recent years, the electronic rearview mirror technology at home and abroad has obviously gradually matured, which has also become the trend of the development of trucks.The new Actros electronic rearview mirror is more intelligent than previous electronic rearview mirror products.In a very simple but practical example, reversing a trailer requires a lot of experience and skill on the part of the driver. The new Actros’ electronic rearview mirror can manually mark the position of the rear of the vehicle according to the length of the trailer. During reversing, the image on the rearview mirror screen will automatically extend to keep the rear of the vehicle within the driver’s field of view.That way, even if a novice driver backs up, he doesn’t have to stick his head out of the car or require someone else to direct him from under the car.

The distance between the vehicle and other objects can also be determined by marking lines

Highlight 3: Powertrain Predictive Cruise (PPC)

Dynamic system predictive cruise abbreviation for PPC, we can popularly called it “map cruise”.

On-site car following demonstration

Using three-dimensional maps and satellite positioning, the PPC system can determine in advance whether the road ahead is going to be uphill or downhill from up to two kilometers away, and adjust the throttle and gear accordingly, allowing the vehicle to drive through the ramp in the most economical and fastest manner.This can not only help drivers who are not familiar with the road conditions to save fuel, but also help drivers who are familiar with the road conditions to reduce mental stress, and even do more fuel saving.

Highlight 4: Peristaltic start + intelligent vehicle distance control + go, stop and follow

This set of technical highlights is very friendly to urban conditions that require frequent stops and starts.The first is the peristaltic start, a feature that is common in automatic passenger cars but not yet in trucks. Instead of using one foot on the brake and one foot on the accelerator to control frequent stops and starts, the new Actros can be moved by simply releasing the brake pedal.With the support of peristaltic start, and the radar and camera equipped with the vehicle, the new Actros can actively judge the distance, start and stop during the process of following the car. The new Actros will stop when the car in front stops, and the new Actros will follow when the car in front walks. In this process, the driver does not need to step on the brake and throttle.

More than two seconds to control the button, the car will continue to drive

Highlight 5: Engine low pressure common rail + X-pulse high pressure fuel injection

After the electric injection engine came on the market, card friends estimated to have been “high pressure common rail” these four words are familiar, and the higher the pressure means better fuel atomization, combustion can also be more sufficient.So why is Mercedes-Benz turning to “low pressure common rail”?The low-pressure common rail technology used in the new Actros engine provided a common rail pressure of only 1160bar, but the subsequent X-Pulse high pressure injection technology allowed fuel injection to reach 2,700 bar, higher than the usual high pressure common rail.The explosive power is stronger, the fuel atomization is also sufficient, the combustion efficiency is higher, and the effect of energy saving and emission reduction can be further achieved.The low pressure common rail technology can reduce the failure rate of common rail system, prolong the service life, and create more long-term value for users.

New Actros that meet State 5 standards

Highlight 6: Asymmetric turbocharger

Asymmetric turbocharger is also an engine technology unique to Mercedes-Benz trucks. Conventional turbochargers don’t get enough airflow at low speeds, so turbochargers naturally don’t work better, but asymmetric turbochargers circumvent this problem by producing large amounts of torque at low speeds.The new Actros engine produces maximum torque in the 800-1500 RPM range, which naturally leads to more power and lower fuel consumption for startup and hill climbing.It is because of the low speed and high torque support of the asymmetric turbocharger that the new Actros can achieve the “creep start” described above.

Highlight 7: engine intelligent water pump + intelligent steering pump

Compared with the intelligent steering pump, the traditional water pump and steering pump can adjust their work more reasonably according to the actual situation, thus further reducing the loss of engine power.For other water pump , like water pump for M.A.N,water pump for daf truck,water pump for Mercedes truck

Highlight 8: Multimedia interactive cockpit

The top-end version of the new Actros cab features four large screens. In addition to two electronic rearview mirror displays, it replaces the mechanical gauges with a 12.3-inch LCD meter that can display items through a multifunctional steering wheel, allowing the driver to master various functions and data, much like a tablet computer.The 10.25-inch multimedia touch screen in the middle of the dashboard can realize mobile phone interconnection, multimedia, navigation, vehicle information query and other functions, just like a tablet computer that can realize convenient services and bring its own entertainment functions.Water Pump for Renault.Water pump for scania,germany truck water pump ,American truck water pump,european truck water pump , they are all the same .

The master and co-driver are airbag seats with ventilation and heating massage

Obviously, the eight core highlights of the new Actros are all centered on “people”. Fuel saving, high efficiency, safety and comfort are still the development direction of the new Actros, but on this basis, the new Actros is more like an intelligent machine serving people.In order to provide customers with more thoughtful and meticulous services, Daimler Trucks and Buse China and Michelin China officially reached a strategic cooperation.In the future, Michelin will provide one-stop tire maintenance service for Mercedes-Benz customers with more professional technology, helping users to achieve efficient benefits throughout the whole life cycle.

Post time: May-11-2021