Rebuilt oil pump for MERCEDES-BENZ truck VS-OME106

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Water pump is the most important part of the vehicle cooling system, as the engine will emit a lot of heat in the combustion work, for effective cooling ,the cooling system will transfer these heat through the cooling cycle to other parts of the body , then the water pump is to promote the continuous circulation of coolant.Water pump as a long time running parts, if damaged is bound to seriously affect the normal running of the vehicle

  • Engine: OM402LA / OM403 / OM422A/LA / OM423 / OM442A/LA
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    VS-OME106 MERCEDES-BENZ 423 180 2501
    423 180 2301
    423 180 0501
    423 180 0101
    33 6 34.5*32*34.5




    Product Name:Engine Oil Pump

    The material:Aluminum alloy


    Working temperature:200 ℃

    Pulley Type:Gear

    Warranty: 2 year / 1 year after assembled / 60000 Kms

    FOB Price: To Be Negotiated

    Packing: Visun or Neutral

    Payment: To Be Determined

    Lead Time: To Be Determined



    How Oil Pump Works


    The oil suction and oil pressure of the injection pump are completed by the reciprocating motion of the plunger in the plunger sleeve.When the plunger is located in the lower position, the two oil holes on the plunger sleeve are opened, the inner cavity of the plunger sleeve is communicated with the oil channel in the pump body, and the fuel is quickly filled with the oil chamber.When the CAM reaches the roller of the roller body, the plunger rises.Move upward from the beginning of the plunger until the oil hole is blocked by the upper end face of the plunger.


    During this time, the fuel is pushed out of the oil chamber and into the oil passage due to the motion of the plunger.So this lift is called the pre-stroke.When the plunger blocks the oil hole, the oil pressing process begins.The oil pressure in the oil chamber increases sharply when the plunger goes up.When the pressure exceeds the spring spring and upper oil pressure of the oil valve, the top is opened out of the oil valve, and the fuel is pressed into the tubing and sent to the injector.


    The time when the oil inlet hole on the plunger sleeve is completely blocked by the upper end face of the plunger is called the theoretical oil supply starting point.When the plunger continues to move upward, the oil supply continues, and the oil pressing process continues until the spiral bevel on the plunger opens the oil return hole of the plunger sleeve. When the oil hole is opened, the high-pressure oil flows back to the oil channel in the pump body from the oil chamber through the longitudinal groove on the plunger and the oil return hole on the plunger sleeve.


    At this time, the oil pressure in the oil chamber of the plunger sleeve decreases rapidly, and the action of the oil pressure in the spring and high pressure tubing drops back to the valve seat, and the injector immediately stops oil injection.At this point, although the plunger continues to go up, the fuel supply has stopped.The time when the oil return hole on the plunger sleeve is opened by the plunger’s hypotenuse is called the theoretical oil supply end point.In the whole process of the upward movement of the plunger, only the middle section of the travel is the oil pressure process, this travel is called the effective travel of the plunger.


    OE Data:4231802501 4231802301

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