Water Pump Engine Cooling System M.A.N Truck VS-MN141

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Visun water pump is well known as High-End quality in the water pump industry , with heavy duty housing , produced by Huaian Visun CO.,LTD , iron casting foundry which is Visun owned itself . ensure the quality for the most important part of the water pump . and we use C&U bearing , the best bearing manufacturer in domestic China , also well known internationally . C&U Bearing can help extend mechanic life for water pumps , meanwhile to reduce its noise . silicon carbide-graphite Seal is used in most Visun water pumps . high quality water seal to prevent malfunction or leakage happen to water pump ,provide strong abrasive resistance at the same time .

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VS-MN141 M.A.N 95.06500-6148-5 22 1 51.5*33*22
  • Housing Produced By: Huaian Visun Automotive CO.,LTD ( Visun Owned )
  • Housing Material: Iron Or Aluminum
  • Seal: Silicon carbide-graphite Seal
  • Bearing: C&U Bearing
  • Warranty: 2 year / 1 year after assembled / 60000 Kms
  • Working Temperature:100℃
  • Application:Engine Cooling Sytem
  • Protection Degree:High
  • Origin:China
  • Weight : 8.5KG
  • Package : Inner box with outer carton



Zhejiang Visun Automotive CO.,LTD is a manufacturer based in China , specialize in manufacturing high quality water pump & oil pump for EU , US heavy duty truck ,with our own iron casting foundry , which occupies 4000 square meters of land area . it has advanced casting molding machines , and high production capacity furnace cupola , the casting foundry can cast totally 300 TONS of water pump housings , impellers , flanges , etc . every month .? ?to provide high-end quality product for distributor , supplier in Europe , North Americ , Middle East .?

Work Shop


Seven production lines

+Taiwan CNC machining center 20 units
+Pump static leak test bench 6 sets (Japan high-?? precision leak detector)
+Pump dynamic side leakage test bench 2 sets (Japan high precision leak detector)
+High precision servo press machine 10 sets
+Ultrasonic cleaning line 2
+Impeller dynamic balancer 1 set
+Multi-head automatic drilling machine 2 sets
+German protective foam foaming machinework shop1

Product Guarantee


+Use domestic and foreign OE matching quality double-carbon water seal to serve the after-sales market with the quality requirements of OE host

+Use the best quality C&U bearing in the country to ensure the maximum mechanical life of the pump

+Strict implementation of production process control, excellence in quality, always believe that customers provide zero defect products as the ultimate goal

+Provides 1 year after one year or 80,000 km of quality assurance for the global truck aftermarket

Quality Control111In automobile engine cylinder block, there are multiple for cooling water circulation channel, and placed in the front of the car radiator (commonly known as water tank) through the water pipes connected to form a large water cycle system, outlet on the engine, equipped with a water pump, driven by fan belt, within the engine cylinder block water heat pump, the pump into the cold.Beside the water pump and a thermostat, cold (car), when the car has just started not to open, make the cooling water without water tank, only within the engine cycle (commonly known as small cycle), momentum motivation above the temperature of 80 degrees, is opened, the hot water is pumped into the tank engine inside, when the car on the cold wind blowing water tank, heat can be taken away.



OE Data:950650061485

Engine No:D2865? D2866? D2876

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