M.A.N Truck Water Pump High End Quality VS-MN127

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Visun water pump is well known as High-End quality in the water pump industry , with heavy duty housing , produced by Huaian Visun CO.,LTD , iron casting foundry which is Visun owned itself . ensure the quality for the most important part of the water pump . and we use C&U bearing , the best bearing manufacturer in domestic China , also well known internationally . C&U Bearing can help extend mechanic life for water pumps , meanwhile to reduce its noise . silicon carbide-graphite Seal is used in most Visun water pumps . high quality water seal to prevent malfunction or leakage happen to water pump ,provide strong abrasive resistance at the same time .

  • Engine: D0836 D0834
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    VS-MN127 M.A.N
    51.06500 6680
    51.06500 7070
    51.06500 7079
    51.06500 9079 51.06500.6651 51.06500.9651 51.06500.9680
    16 4 50*45*18.5
    • Housing Produced By: Huaian Visun Automotive CO.,LTD ( Visun Owned )
    • Housing Material: Iron Or Aluminum
    • Seal: Silicon carbide-graphite Seal
    • Bearing: C&U Bearing
    • Warranty: 2 year / 1 year after assembled / 60000 Kms
    • Working Temperature:100℃
    • Application:Engine Cooling Sytem
    • Protection Degree:High
    • Origin:China
    • Weight : 8.5KG
    • Package : Inner box with outer carton

    Shell: Used to form a fluid channel and connect other parts.The housing is usually made of cast iron, aluminum, steel or other materials, depending on the engine design, product structure and corrosion resistance requirements.

    Bearing: it is the impeller, wheel hub and other continuous rotating parts in the process of rotation and the shell, water seal and other components What relation of mechanical support.With the continuous improvement of engine power, pump bearings need to have higher thermal stability, greater bearing capacity and better tightness.Pump bearing is shaft bearing, according to its internal structure can be divided into double row ball type and one ball and one column type two.Double row ball structure for high speed, one ball and one column for high load!

    Water seal: seal to prevent coolant leakage, and isolate the coolant from the pump bearing to protect the bearing.The water seal is usually composed of a rotating ring (ceramic ring), a stationary ring (graphite ring), a pressing element and a sealing element.Under the action of fluid pressure or mechanical external elastic force, the two rings keep together and slide relative to prevent coolant leakage.

    Wheel hub: Also called flange.Attached to bearings and transmitting power to the muffle parts that spun an impeller inside the pump chamber.

    Impeller: composed of centripetal radial linear or arc-shaped blade and the body, the coolant is pumped into the engine cooling system for circulating work by using the rotating torque passed into the bearing shaft.



    Work Shop


    Seven production lines

    +Taiwan CNC machining center 20 units
    +Pump static leak test bench 6 sets (Japan high-?? precision leak detector)
    +Pump dynamic side leakage test bench 2 sets (Japan high precision leak detector)
    +High precision servo press machine 10 sets
    +Ultrasonic cleaning line 2
    +Impeller dynamic balancer 1 set
    +Multi-head automatic drilling machine 2 sets
    +German protective foam foaming machinework shop1

    Product Guarantee


    +Use domestic and foreign OE matching quality double-carbon water seal to serve the after-sales market with the quality requirements of OE host

    +Use the best quality C&U bearing in the country to ensure the maximum mechanical life of the pump

    +Strict implementation of production process control, excellence in quality, always believe that customers provide zero defect products as the ultimate goal

    +Provides 1 year after one year or 80,000 km of quality assurance for the global truck aftermarket

    Quality Control111


    +Q: How many kind of water pump you have?

    A:We can provide over 500 kind of water pumps for different vehicle or engine , also can provide oil pump .

    +Q :? Can I put my own logo on both product & package ? and how .

    A:Yes , we can help print your brand on product & package , for product , we can use laser print or steel?

    label stick , for package , we can produce color box with your logo , or plastic bag with your brand , anything you like .

    +Q :? Do you have any certificate ?

    A:In 2007, approved by ISO9001:2000 certification

    In 2011, approved by ISO/TS16949:2009 certification.

    In 2018, approved by ISO/IATF16949:2016 certification.

    +Q :? How long you will need to produce an order .

    A:For small order , we usually can prepare the carto within a month , bulk order usually will take about 60 days . mostly?pend on how many order we are producing now .货运卡车


    OE Data:51065006680,51065007070 51065007079 51065009079 51065006651 51065009651 51065009680

    Engine No:D2865? D2866? D2876

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