M.A.N Truck part water pump VS-MN105

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Visun water pump is well known as High-End quality in the water pump industry , with heavy duty housing , produced by Huaian Visun CO.,LTD , iron casting foundry which is Visun owned itself . ensure the quality for the most important part of the water pump . and we use C&U bearing , the best bearing manufacturer in domestic China , also well known internationally . C&U Bearing can help extend mechanic life for water pumps , meanwhile to reduce its noise . silicon carbide-graphite Seal is used in most Visun water pumps . high quality water seal to prevent malfunction or leakage happen to water pump ,provide strong abrasive resistance at the same time .

  • Engine: D2530 / D2538 / D2565 / 2566
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    VSMN105 MAN
    21 2 38*29*34


    Housing: Aluminum,Iron(produced By Visun)

    Impeller:plastic or steel

    Seal: Silicon carbide-graphite Seal

    Bearing: C&U Bearing

    Production Capacity: 21000 Pieces per Month

    OEM/ODM: Available

    FOB Price: To Be Negotiated

    Packing: Visun or Neutral

    Payment: To Be Determined

    Lead Time: To Be Determined


    Zhejiang Visun Automotive CO,LTD is a manufacturer based in China , specialize in manufacturing high quality water pump & oil pump for EU , US heavy duty truck ,with our own iron casting foundry , which occupies 4000 square meters of land area it has advanced casting molding machines , and high production capacity furnace cupola , the casting foundry can cast totally 300 TONS of water pump housings , impellers , flanges , etc every month ? ?to provide highend quality product for distributor , supplier in Europe , North Americ , Middle East ?

    Work Shop


    Seven production lines

    +Taiwan CNC machining center 20 units
    +Pump static leak test bench 6 sets (Japan high?? precision leak detector)
    +Pump dynamic side leakage test bench 2 sets (Japan high precision leak detector)
    +High precision servo press machine 10 sets
    +Ultrasonic cleaning line 2
    +Impeller dynamic balancer 1 set
    +Multihead automatic drilling machine 2 sets
    +German protective foam foaming machinework shop1

    Product Guarantee


    +Use domestic and foreign OE matching quality doublecarbon water seal to serve the aftersales market with the quality requirements of OE host

    +Use the best quality C&U bearing in the country to ensure the maximum mechanical life of the pump

    +Strict implementation of production process control, excellence in quality, always believe that customers provide zero defect products as the ultimate goal

    +Provides 1 year after one year or 80,000 km of quality assurance for the global truck aftermarket

    Quality Control111


    For all returns , please contact us at info@ehuachina.net to instructions on how to properly return you item. All returns are subject to inspection.  Tracking information will be sent via e-mail by our shipping department. Delivery times can vary by location and shipping method. Shipments will be delivered by UPS, FEDEX, DHL, or USPS and the carrier will be selected at our discretion.  Please make sure the Ship-To address you use during checkout is correct. Warranty does not cover failure due to accident, abuse, neglect or as the result of normal wear and tear. Improper installation, careless handling, tampering or disassembly in any way will void original factory warranty. Failures due to rust, submersions, deliberate abuse, broken gears, housings or components shall not be considered for warranty, nor products used in applications for which they were not intended.



    +Q: How many kind of water pump you have?

    A:We can provide over 500 kind of water pumps for different vehicle or engine , also can provide oil pump

    +Q :? Can I put my own logo on both product & package ? and how

    A:Yes , we can help print your brand on product & package , for product , we can use laser print or steel?

    label stick , for package , we can produce color box with your logo , or plastic bag with your brand , anything you like

    +Q :? Do you have any certificate ?

    A:In 2007, approved by ISO9001:2000 certification

    In 2011, approved by ISO/TS16949:2009 certification

    In 2018, approved by ISO/IATF16949:2016 certification

    +Q :? How long you will need to produce an order

    A:For small order , we usually can prepare the carto within a month , bulk order usually will take about 60 days mostly?pend on how many order we are producing now 货运卡车

    Water pump is the transport of liquid or liquid pressurization machinery.It will be the engine mechanical energy or other external energy transfer to the liquid, the liquid energy increase, the formation of pressure difference, to promote the flow of liquid, gas, mainly used to transport liquid including water, oil, acid and alkali, emulsion, suspension emulsion and liquid metal, etc.It can also transport liquids, gaseous mixtures and liquids containing suspended solids.The technical parameters of pump performance include flow, suction, head, shaft power, water power, efficiency, etc.According to different working principle can be divided into volume pump, vane pump and other types.Positive displacement pump is the use of the studio volume changes to transfer energy;Vane pump is the use of rotary blade and water interaction to transfer energy, there are centrifugal pump, axial flow pump and mixed flow pump and other types.

    OE Data:51065006228,51065006229,51065006225,51065006224,51065006223,51065006222,51065006221,51065006219,51065006218,51065006216,51065006215,51065006214,51065006213,51065006204

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