DETROIT Non Leakage Water Pump VS-DR103

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High quality water pump for heavy duty truck , with durable housing & inpeller produced by Visun Automotive CO., LTD , iron casting foundry owned by Visun , located in Jiangsu China . Bearing & Seal were purchased from best supplier in domestic China . advance manufacturing line , strick product inspection , 100% leakage test before product was packed . safty package structure .

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VS-DR103 DETROIT 25532542
AW2 129
15 1 44*22*23

Product Name:Visun Water Pump
OE No:
Fit for truck Model:
Main Market:Mideast,North America,Europe
Supply For:
Euro truck parts wholesaler
Euro truck parts dealer or retailer
Heavy duty truck after market services
Auto spare parts trading company
Package:Packing made by customers’ demands
Shipping:Up to buyer demand
Warranty: 2 year / 1 year after assembled / 60000 Kms


How VISUN water pump been produced


1.Huaian Visun Automotive CO.,LTD ,our own iron casting foundry purchase high quality raw material for water pump housing .produce durable water pump housing , and will have inspection before housing left factory , and then ship to Zhejiang Visun Automotive CO.,LTD to make further assemble.

2.Visun owns several production line ,made of advance CNC machine ,for most Visun water pump , we produce impeller & pulley by our own to ensure high quality accessory is provided.after impeller & pulley been produced , they will be sent to have inspection .

3.Zhejiang Visun Automotive CO.,LTD inspect every accessory from Huaian Visun Automotive CO.,LTD to make sure housing from iron casting foundry is 100% qualified, meanwhile ,water pump accessory like bearing,seals purchase dept will purchase from reliable accessory supplier in domestic China ,and also , will have inspection for all accessories as well.
4.After all accessory succeed in inspection and good for assemble,we will start to assemble them together to make whole water pump complate.

5.For complate water pump , we will always put them into inspection & test before it been packed up . 100% leakage test for all water pump,random inspection for every batch,double check before product go to next step.

6.After all inspection & test is done ,we will have wash the water pump to make it brand new .then the last,product will be packaed with inner box , outer carton , plate or wooden box .


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