DAF Heavy Duty Truck Water Pump VS-DF118

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Visun auto water pump for DAF truck , bus and other heavy duty vehicles, for example DAF XF, DAF CF . DAF LF ,we can supply water pump match with all DAF truck engines . as a manufacturer , factory , we provide high quality product and meanwhile responsible for after sale service , as specialist of water pump industry in the aftermarket, we offering customers great purchasing experience and stable cargo supply to help customers gain more market in their country .

  • Engine: EURO 6CF,XF
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    VS-DF118 DAF 1922223
    12 4 48*43.5*22.5

    Housing: Aluminum,steel (produced By Visun)

    Impeller:plastic or steel

    Seal: Silicon carbide-graphite Seal(High quality)

    Bearing: C&U Bearing (Durable)

    Certification: IATF16949 / ISO9001

    Transport Package:wooden carton or plate


    Port:Ningbo Or Shanghai

    Condition:Brand New


    Market:EU,North Americ,Middle East

    Quality : High-End

    Housing for all VISUN water pump is produced by VISUN it self , high quality metal is used in cast iron water pump housing , Never use recycled materials instead.Shell casting is designed in strict accordance with OEM sample, obeying OE structure and wall thickness to ensure the strength and weight of shell . The shell is finished by precision machining, and the machining surface reaches the designed dimension tolerance, shape and position tolerance and surface roughness to ensure the good coordination between the shell and the bearing and the sealing of the installation

    The pump impeller is made of cast iron.The blade on the pump impeller plays a major role. The shape and size of the pump impeller are closely related to the performance of the pump.The impeller is the core part of the pump, and it is the main factor affecting the working efficiency.Under specific working conditions, if the impeller design is not good, there will be hydraulic loss and clearance loss at the pump inlet and blade.

    As the engine as the core of the automobile is developing towards the direction of high power and high efficiency, higher performance requirements are put forward to the pump bearing.For example, it has higher thermal resistance, greater bearing capacity and good sealing performance,VISUN use C&U bearing for our water pump , biggest bearing supplier in China , Under the same radial size condition, its bearing capacity is greater than the general type of bearing,Good rigidity, rotation, simple structure, convenient assembly and disassembly.

    For water seal,high quality Silicon carbide-graphite Seal is widely used in VISUN water pump , with advantage of High hardness, high wear resistance, low coefficient of friction, good oxidation resistance, good thermal stability, low coefficient of thermal expansion, high thermal conductivity and thermal shock resistance and chemical corrosion resistance .

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